Patron Pre-Sold #103

A Victorian Christmas

9' Tree

Sponsors:  Panorama and Panorama Board of Directors:  Lynn Brunton, Dr. William Gavin, Fred Goldberg, Kathy Houston, Daryl Jensen, Gail Madden, Holly Mason and Ralph Munro

Designers: Pam Tilson, Lead Designer; Alysha Myers and Grace Myers, Junior Designer

Description:  Pearls, ribbons, lace, crystals, sparkling glass beads and ornate gold gilded pieces were used to adorn ornaments during the Victorian era.  A Victorian Christmas is designed with these same elements in mind.  Many Christmas traditions we enjoy today were influenced by the Victorians.  Christmas trees, cards, gift giving and special holiday dinners became popular during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837-1901.  We wish you joy as you celebrate your family’s own Christmas traditions and festivities.

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