Pre-Sold #109

Secret Life of Pets

7.5' Tree

Sponsors:  Dr. Jim Kruidenier & Susan Bryant; Dr. Rodney Joe & Barbara O’Keefe; Dr. Bill Mitchell; Dr. Jim & Diane Reus; Dr. Bruce Silverman & Dr. Courtney Nevitt; Dr. Mei Xie & Rob March; Drs. Mark & Kathy Wagner

Designers:  Teri Cole, Lead Designer; Barry Borth, Jonathan Boyer, Steve Cole, Jen Potter and Terri Turner

Description:   This tree is loaded with all the pets from Secret Life of Pets 1 and 2!  It captures the adventures of Max, Duke, Gidget and Snowball, from the Big Apple (complete with a free-standing fire escape!) to the countryside. Keep your eyes peeled for Granny with all her kitties, and Gidget trying to retrieve Max’s favorite busy bee ball!  Between encounters with alley cats in the big city, and canine-intolerant cows on the farm, these pets take all their adventures head on!

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