Auction Item #3

Farmhouse Celebrations

7.5' Auction Tree

A Christmas tree with a farmhouse theme is a delightful and charming way to celebrate the holiday season. This tree is adorned with a rustic yet cozy feel that combines the traditional elements of Christmas with the homey aesthetic of a farmhouse. At the heart of this tree decorated with farm themed decorations, are 12 hand-made crocheted chickens, each a unique and whimsical work of art crafted by a local Lacey artist. The black and white gingham ribbon is woven in and out of the branches and adds a farmhouse touch, reminiscent of country-style tablecloths and curtains. Dashes of red berries are interspersed among the black and white ornaments, bringing a pop of vibrant color to the tree.

Sponsored by: Friend of the Foundation

Designed by:  Alexandra Mowrey and Amanda Wallace

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