Christmas In The Forest 2021 Theme - Hope & Joy
Pre-Sold #56

Land of Sweets

7.5' Tree

Sponsor:  Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty

Designers:  Larissa Murtaugh, Lead Designer; Amanda Berg, Deborah Bollinger, Lisa Gideon and Lynn Dee Rivera

Description:   This sugar sprinkled surprise is sure to spice up the festive holiday season.  Let your sweet tooth lead the way down the Lolli Pop path to “Land of the Sweets.”  Here you will find treats of a nostalgic past, memories of decorating Christmas cookies as a child, where you can ALMOST smell the gingerbread.  Calorie free of course!

This tree has been donated to Sunshine House, on the Providence St. Peter Hospital Campus.

See this tree in 3D!

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