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 Alleviating Suffering by Expanding Palliative Care

Patients with very complex and often serious diseases can be helped by specialists who are trained to compassionately relieve pain and suffering. These specialists are called palliative care providers. But at Providence in Olympia, palliative care is only available to patients who are admitted to the hospital, when they are often in crisis, and many times near the end of life. Providing these life-affirming services early has been shown to increase both quality and length of life.

To better serve patients, Providence is creating an innovative outpatient palliative care clinic, allowing the benefits of palliative care for the first time to all in our community before patients are in an acute crisis. An expansion of this kind will require the support of our generous community. With the realization of this clinic, patients will be better served by specialized care that:

  • relieves pain and suffering
  • enhances quality of life
  • integrates many aspects of care, and
  • incorporates the family.

We need your support to help palliative care become a reality for thousands of patients in need each year!

Providence Christmas Trees